Complete cloud based Payroll and tax compliant solution

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Complete cloud based Payroll and tax compliant solution, HRS strategy Linked Fintec Platform with Performance Ratings. Audited time flows seamlessly to payroll in real time, with hours worked, overtime, holidays and more calculated So that your workers get paid correctly and you stay in compliance.  Employee Self Service (ESS) with Travel and reimbursements using logged travel data like UBER and remote  Bill submission and Pay slips directly from the mobile app.

Set-up or upgrade your business with modern payroll benefits  compliances , Loans and HR. 


Features of Our Payroll Services

  • Cognitive Time Sheets Audit Check 
  • One click payroll processing with KYC and one click loans
  • Compensation, benefits & Taxation
  • Performance Linked Increment Tool
  • Compliances and instant insurance
  • AI powered BI and Data analytics

Services offered by AHALTS Pay

Payroll Process Management

Set-up or upgrade your business with modern payroll.  It combines control, flexibility and insight to support the unique aspects of your organization's specific requirement

  • One Click Payroll Processing
  • Employee self Service online with Mobile App
  • Simple integration with business software, time tracking, HR systems and ERPs
  • End to End payroll processing

Employee Benefits

In today's workplace, the health and safety of employees is a top priority. By integrating payroll with benefits, we make it easy to control costs, simplify administration, and protect them .

  • Group Health Insurance
  • HSA, FSA & more benefits
  • Retirement Services

Employee Benefits

Know your Stars and know your employee Risk for insurance selection as per the task they are doing, Get their integrity and loyalty score for loans and advances get their Performance ratings for Benefits , compensation and use our Cognitive Increment Tool for increment advise 

  • Salary and Wage Computation, PF/ ESI Calculation
  • Allowance and Deduction Computation Dynamic
  • Templates of Tax Slabs, Investments Salary Audit
  • Salary Lock system Tax Calculation and TDS, Form 16 , Pay Slips, Tax Accounting
  • Payroll Adjustments and Arrears Handling 

Employee Benefits

AHALTS Pay Work with licensed business insurance agents for property and casualty insurance, general liability insurance and many more

 Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP)
  • General Liability
  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Payroll services built for your organization's size

Payroll for 1-49 Employees

Payroll for 50-1,000 Employees

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