A Platform to manage your workforce easily

AHALTS helps organizations to optimize security and productivity by reducing labor costs, minimizing compliance risks and increase worker’s productivity.Whether you want to improve Time and Attendance tracking automate scheduling or simplify leave Management AHALTS Time Clocks is a single solution to help.

As a cloud-based solution, employees can access their personalized dashboards from anywhere in the world. They can apply for leaves on-the-go and their managers can track their overtime and manage shift scheduling and rostering.


Clocking in systems can help streamline your operations and improve productivity. Accurately monitor and track employee attendance. Simplify the way you track employee attendance, along with many other amazing benefits:

– Employees spend less time clocking in and out
– View real-time attendance statistics
– Cut down on costly payroll errors
– Enforce your attendance policy
– Choose from six different employee clock in options

We can offer Five different clocking in systems to meet your needs. These clocking systems are easy for your employees to use and generate reports from.

a.       Facial Recognition Clocking   

b.       Biometric Clocking

c.       Smart Phone Clocking

d.       PC based Clocking

e.       Desktop Reader

We can build our integration to suit your organization. The day(s) you run payroll and when you want to send payments. The software can be configured to bridge between your payroll software and your employee data including clock cards, automatic hours and salaries.

The software can be fully configured to suit your way of working and can handle multiple companies, multiple pay groups, multiple tax references, and unlimited pay elements and benefits all on one solution, saving you time and stress.

Key Benefits

– Reduce Labour Cost with Time Management Software.
– Enforce Rules with Time and Attendance Software.
– Remain in compliance with the Working Time Act.
– Easy-to-Use, No-Hassle Time and Attendance Software.
– Increase Staff Productivity & Efficiency.

TAS feature can be used anywhere your employees have access to cellular phone service, making it ideal for workers on the go. Smartphone applications are set up to synchronize an employee’s jobs, tasks, projects, or clients from the main system.

Key features

– Assign hours to specific jobs, tasks, projects, or clients.
– Modify the assignment of worked hours retroactively.
– Allocate time while in the office, at another site, or on the road.


Early hours, Absent hours and overtime hours measurement


Attendance Policies:  The AHALTS time and Attendance Software automates your organizations attendance policies, significantly reducing both administrative time and absenteeism.
The system is configured with your organizations absence policies. Workers can request and/or explain absences directly through the system. In the event of a planned or unplanned absence, a notification is sent to the supervisor. In addition, the absences are automatically deducted from the employees remaining accruals. With a few clicks of the mouse, employees can access their up-to-date, real-time attendance statistics. When employees have access to correct, accurate data, they are less likely to violate attendance policies. The result? Fewer absences, less overtime, and increased productivity


 Labor activities

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Rostering
  • Overtimes
  • Multiple Shifts
  • Skills Mapping




Save time and money by automating organizational absence policies., Control future absences by analyzing past data. Empower employees to manage their own time and attendance.

Employee Entitlements : The most common type of entitlement is Holidays. The entitlements section within the system keeps track of each employees total Entitlement figure for the current year and also their Planned and Taken figures allowing the Unallocated figure to be automatically calculated by the system.

Absence Request and Tracking : Employees can simply use the self-service module to request absences allowing for a prompt response and Management can easily track and manage employee absences with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Leave Groups :

Employee Details:
Documents and Letters: With the document management feature, employees and managers have an intelligent way to submit, access and update documents through the employee self-service module.

Messaging Service:
Using the Employee Self-Service module, employees can check their Absence, request Absences or Time Off.

Leaves and Time offs:
Using the Employee Self Service module employees have the ability to request Absences or Time Off. These requests are normally submitted to the employee’s manager, supervisor or HR Department by automatic email notifications for approval

Online Induction:
Employee Planner/ calendar: Employees can be given the ability to view their individual / Organisation’s weekly/ Monthly shift planner. Employers can also change his calendar depending on the workload he has for a given time

  • Talent acquisition
  • One click On boarding
  • One Click Off boarding
  • Talent Management

  • Online Time Sheet
  • Overtime Report
  • Early / Late Bird Report
  • Irregularity Report
  • Leave Reports
  • Absents Report
  • Time Off summary
  • Scheduling Reports
  • Cost tracking reports
  • Budget forecast reports

Summary report: Summary Report gives detailed information about the total no of payable days, worked days, expecting working days etc for all users/ one user for a specified time

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