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TTP - HH - GH12
TTP - HH - GH12 (Temperature Screening) Thermal Camera is a rapid temperature detection tool. It can be economically and practically used to detect the temperature from a safe distance, with an accuracy of <= 0.5 degrees. It is not only suitable for flexible inspection, but also can be deployed at fixed entrances and exits. An ideal choice to improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and ensure public safety
Thermal Cameras
Dual Sensor Infrared Body Temperature Screening Thermal Camera
TTP - VC 41 infrared body temperature screening thermal camera is a non-contact efficient temperature measurement system and screening device which is specially designed for dense crowds in public places. Based on the accurate temperature measurement technology of the thermal imaging camera, it can timely detect the people with abnormal body temperatures and then output alarm signal, so that can assist the supervisory authorities to implement the interventions and emergency measures, to prevent the spread of the virus in public areas. The camera can be widely used in airports, railway stations, subway stations, as well as other crowded areas such as schools and comprehensive parks, and so on. The whole system include the infrared body temperature screening thermal camera, computer, the temperature measurement software, and so on

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