About Us

TipTop Planet a (Unit of TipTop Platform Pvt Ltd) is a technology company that provide services and solutions that helps businesses to reinvent and transform to build Strategic Enterprises.
We work in the Field of IAM (Identity and Access Management), Facial Recognition, IIOT and have created some very innovative AI powered solutions for enterprises. Our unified platform frees you from the clutter of multiple tools and applications to manage workforce Multi device , Multi location and Multi organizations, multi tenant API platform with Mobile APK, SDK and Application BUS.

We are Business Planning Platform with integrated advanced ID-Tech using Facial recognition & biometrics that deliver real time AI powered Cognitive secured and productive HRTECH & FINTECH unified solution for Enterprises .

Our payroll, time clocks with face id, activity monitor, workload balancer cloud applications are designed for the way people work in today’s organizations.

Break opens your organization HR capabilities and performance with TipTop Planet. Its unique Workload Balancer AUTO tunes Rostering, scheduling and work delegation based on these factors Reducing Manpower cost by average 30%

AHALTS ID-Tech Platform

AHALTS ID-Tech Platform with Human tracking using Facial recognition Biometric, Geo Location, NFC Time & attendance Platform for Cognitive Audit for Accurate, compliant payroll—every time.

HRSERP Enterprise

HRSERP Enterprise planning simplified with integrated solution to Achieve Goals & Strategy plan by Delegating to right people with right skills at right time at right cost using our Patented workload balancer to reduce your manpower cost by 30%

HRSERP Performance Ratings

HRSERP Performance ratings Help succession planning and more engaged employees by extracting automate Benefit and compensations along with actual employee profile score for increment or instant loan also employees insurance can be extended from the platform directly


AHALTS PAY Audited time flows seamlessly to payroll in real time, with hours worked, overtime, holidays and more calculated So that your workers get paid correctly and you stay in compliance. Employee Self Service (ESS) with Travel and reimbursements using logged travel data like UBER and remote Bill submission and Pay slips directly from the mobile app

Arun Puri

Founder and CEO of TipTop Planet

Message from CEO

“We have started TipTop Planet to bring unique, advance intuitive solutions that can simplify and optimize HR Activities and People planning to synergize with enterprise plans so that work and activities can dynamically Balance and adapt to changing  real time factors, we are committed to  offering products and services through the  business of enterprise applications that can fill the gaps left by legacy ERP solutions.”
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